choose time range for time series widget

Hello everyone, I am building an mendix for Mindsphere. I am using a time series widget to display the data from my asset. I know want that the user of the app can choose two dates and the app should display the time between these two dates.  I know that I can use the date picker widget to do this. But i tried a few things and nothing really works. Due to the fact, that I am really a beginner, I also don’t know, what exactly I have to do. Can anyone give me a detailled explanation? The first picture shows my domain model which has the two entities AppContext and TimeSeriesData.  On my page, I use time series widget to display data from Mindsphere Assets. Therefore I use the second Microflow which has the AppContext as a Input. Now I want that the user can pick two dates and the time series widget has to display the data between these two dates.  I think I have to add some attributes to the entity AppContext which the user can change via the datetime picker. And then I would give these dates as paramters (from ...= & to= ...) to the REST Call in the second microflow. But I don’t know how to get these done I tried a few things but nothing really works.. Can somebody please help me? Maybe via a little skype session if it’s to complicated for writing. I would really appreciate it!    
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There is one missing detail from your question – Which attribute represent the date in the TimeSeriesData ? – is it the “_time(Date and Time)” ? , you need to know that so that you can compare with the User’s input and Display the specific TimeSeries records