Mendix Advance Certification

Hi Experts, Recently I have successfully Passed my Rapid Developer exam. I have planned to take up the Mendix Advanced Certification. Also I had a walk through on Mendix Advance Certification leaning path. In addition to that can some body tell me that                           1) What is the question pattern?                           2) Time limit and duration?                           3) What type use cases have been give(sample use cases)?                           4) Whether it’s a open book examination or not?     Thanks in Advance!
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Did this 2 years ago so maybe things have changed in the mean time. Here is what I know:

  1. the question are in the for of a couple of stories you have to do and a couple of feedback items that you have to process. These are offered to you on a project.
  2. 3 hours
  3. limit the objects shown to the user in a datagrid; why does one see the text of a label and someone else doesn’t; a security-violation: somebody see more data then he should;
  4. it’s open internet, which is very valid because that is the normal working environment of Mendix developers. Then again, if you have to search a lot, you will not be able to make it in 3 hours.

Usually, developers are able to pass the exam with about a year of experience. Get a year of experience, make sure you see enough different Mendix parts, talk to collegues about Mendix issues, do every learning path on Academy and your chances will be good. Personally, i also learned a lot from visiting this forum, but loads of people passed the test without ever using it.