Two login methods, SSO redirect

Hi everyone,  We’re experimenting with allowing external users access to one of our apps. Users from within the company will use SAML Single sign on to access the app with their office 365 account, external users will have a local account on the app that they’ll log into using a login page set as the homepage for anon users.  Part of SAML SSO setup is to set index.html to redirect to /SSO/, which triggers the SSO process.  I have set up a login page for anonymous users which is built in the app itself (not a .html page). I am using deep link module for password resets for external users as well as giving a link that will direct users to the page that contains the login page with password reset link ( However, upon accessing the anon homepage to login, the SSO redirect kicks in and redirects the user to SSO.  I would like to achieve:  SSO redirect works when users access the app  There is a separate page that bypasses SSO and shows the anonymous user home page (login page) Any thoughts or suggestions is much appreciated  Many thanks,  Garion
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Yes you can do that. When setting up SSO with SAML you have an URL that end users can use to directly log in with SSO. The direct url ends with /SSO/login?_idp_id=YourSAMLConfigName and before the / your base URL from Mendix. We have a normal login form and placed some extra buttons on these page for the forgot password and for SSO login. That last button asks the user for the persons accountname so we can find the right SSO setup (we have a multi tenant app) and do the redirect to the correct external login page.