Timeseries Values aggregate

Hello, I am building a mindsphere app, to display the data from my mindsphere assets. I am using the time series api to get data via REST Call and then I use time series widget to display the data. Because I get data from my Asset every 5 seconds, I can’t display large time series, because the maximum response can contains 2000 datapoints.   Now I am wondering how I can aggregate the data to display  data from my asset over longer time ranges like a week or more.   Can anyone help me please?  
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Hello Andreas,

you could have a look at MindSphere’s API “IoT Time Series (TS) Aggregates Service” (check it out here: https://developer.mindsphere.io/apis/iot-iottsaggregates/api-iottsaggregates-version-v4-whats-new.html)

With this API, you can make use of MindSphere’s aggregation functionality without having to import large datasets into your Mendix application. If you only require aggregated data in your app, I’d say this API is the best way to go for you.