Adding New Attribute in Active Session

Is there a way to allow the user to be able to add an option to an enumeration while in an active session?  For example, if I’m creating a task as a user and I go to assign it to someone on my team but that team member doesn’t currently exists in the enumeration option, is there a way to allow “add new” while I’m in the active session or does that have to always be done in development in my domain model and then deployed? 
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No, it is not possible to add enumeration options at runtime. However, following your example, this should not be done using enums in the first place. You should have two associated entities (e.g. Task and TeamMember), and use a reference selector or reference set selector to associate TeamMembers to tasks.

In the domain model snapshot above, one TeamMember can be assigned to many tasks, and one Task will have one TeamMember. If you want to assign multiple TeamMembers to a Task, you need to change the cardinality from 1:n to n:m (many to many).