Excel File Upload

Hi All, I have a data model set like this I what I would like is for a user to create a Review. Then upload a file containing a list of limits for that review. I am able to create the review , then inside of the review i can upload a file.   But when i want to process the the file i have an issue. I have created the template and am using this microflow.  What i have found is if i leave the reference to import objects blank then the limit list is imported from the excel file in the limits entity. However if i set the reference to import objects to link it to the review then i get no errors and the same message appears telling me the correct number of rows have been imported however they are not in the limits entity. The review is a parameter in the microflow. any guidance would be appreciated.     
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Hello, you have to put inside the template, in “Mendix object” limits, and in “Reference to import objects” Review. 

Then in the java action :

template object : your template. 

import excel doc : your excel file (xls limit import)

import object parameter : the review.


If it’s not working try to commit the review, before the java action, and maybe also after. (I remember having a issue with the import with a non commited object). 


If none of that is working, you can let the reference to import objects blank, and inside a loop on your limits (with a retrieve from DB constraining it to the limit imported, after the java action import), you put the reference of the review.