Publishing Blog at Mendix Community

  Hi Experts, I am interested to contribute my exploration and findings as a Blog in Mendix community platform. I have registered my details in the link using my name and mail id twice (1-last month and 2-Yesterday).But I couldn't get back any mails reg that. I have prepared my content and posted in Finally ,I am in need to know about the further point of Contact ,like how can i keep it posted in Mendix Community blog and if there are some feedback to modify something, how can i get before posting? If anyone has done before,kindly share your views.
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Hi Abirami - did you check out this resource?

This might help (it helped me) to get the flow going.


Regards, Boris 


Updating this, if anyone else is curious:


The developer relations team manages the Mendix Community on You can contact me (Ryan Mocke) via the slack community channel to participate in the publication and submit your story.


I look forward to reading any and all submissions, good luck!