run unittests on test env- using unit testing module

I am able to run the unit tests on http://localhost:8080/unittests/start , but not  in test env Based on a previous suggestion on forum, I added the below path based access rule to test env network upon restarting the test env application, I still get http 404 not found error.   Few things : I am using postman for this test. I also tried adding the http headers for Mendix-Username and Mendix-ApiKey, but got the same result.    Could someone help me understand what I am missing. Has anyone tried this approach ? mendix version:8.18.0 Thank you, Divya  
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Hi Divya,

See this forum post, sounds like the same issue you and I were both struggling with:

This resolved my issue of the Unit Testing API not picking up.

In summary, ensure that the Unit Tests ‘Startup’ Microflow gets run.


You are refering to ‘/unittests/’. Try the path ‘unittests/’ without the first /