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Hi all , i implemented the web push notification module in my app , when i just create basic notification and send notification i get a push notification BUT when i add the java action : AddButtonOpenPageMicroflow  it doens’t work anymore ! If someone has a idea it would help me
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Are you seeing any errors in your console?

Is this a custom Java Action you wrote? Can you share the code, and also show how it is being called please?


Does the user have the proper security rights for the microflow?


hi , 

First of all thank’s for your reply!

Concerning my app , i don’t have any errors on the console.

Here is where i call my microflow which creates a push notfication:

Here is the screenshot of the way i use the java action :

Here is the microflow called in the java action : it calles the notification page

waiting for your help guys :) !!