Changing values of Objects attributes using Java Action

Hello, I want to loop through the attributes of an Object and set all empty Strings ( “ “  ) to null. The Code works perfectely as long as I create the Set of keys manually (picture1). When I use the command  “keySet” the code does not work anymore (picture2).  I guess it has something to do with the fact that the created Set just supports “remove” operations during an iteration. Is there any way to overcome this problem?  I already tried multiple methods to loop through the attributes but they don’t succeed eigther.  I would be really pleased about some help!     picture1   picture2  
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Just checked: your code from picture 2 runs fine when passing an entity to the Java action (as Type parameter), ending up with Strings that are empty. I inspected this in the Mendix debugger.

Not sure what you want to achieve in the line above // BEGIN USER CODE, but please notice that everything outside of //BEGIN… and //END.. and // BEGIN EXTRA CODE, //END EXTRA CODE will be removed when triggering a “Deploy to Eclipse” from Studio Pro next time.