Email List View Data Using Email Template

Hello,   I am using Email Template module to send email from my application, it works fine with predefined static templates and dynamic email address of the recipient. I need to expand it now to email the content of a List View widget which will have multiple dynamic rows but fixed set of columns.  Recipient of this email should see it in inline HTML table format. Sample data is as below. Can you please advise?   Object: Employee FirstName  LastName  City Johnson Dsouza Mumbai Nathan Myres London Sharon Southwood Manchester Ben Mathew New York -------------------------------------------------------------   Regards, Johnson.
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I would just build the HTML-string in a microflow:




Hi Johnson Dsouza,

If you are good in html and css you can play with the email templates. 

You can create a dynamic html structure  in your microflow and pass it to the attribute responsible for the body section of the email entity or you can directly pass the html string in html paramter and body paramter of the sendEmail java.