JSON Structure Issue

Good Morning,    I’m making  a get request in mendix with a url and get the below response in the browser. {"requestId":"3","responseMessage":"Success","responseStatusCode":200,"responseDate":"2021-03-04T09:08:36.2676552+00:00","data":"{\"CompanyId\":3,\"CompanyName\":\"XYZ, S.A.\",\"Street\":\"ABC\",\"CountryCode\":\"GT\",\"CompanyTypeCode\":\"F\",\"HoldingCompanyId\":null,\"IsSolvencyProblem\":0,\"IsInActive\":0,\"EditorEmail\":null,\"City\":null,\"StateCode\":null,\"PostalCode\":null,\"CompanyCategoryCode\":\"B\",\"IsFrameAgreement\":null}"} When I use this to format the JSON the data attribute takes the complete data as string, but I need to use the "data"  how do I de-structure it and format the complete response and  show it on app. Would you please let me know how can this be done.       
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I would ask the other party why in earth they structured there JSON this way. But that is fighting the problem.
The only sollution would be to create a microflow that handles the data part and just do string manipulations on it to cut the string up and handle each part of the data.