Use own Icons

Hello everyone, i added my own icons (svg) to mendix. When I use them inside the navigation bar, they don’t get the blue colour when clicking them like the glyphogens do. Is it possible that they also get the blue colour when clicking them?   best regards
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In case of custom images/icons, you cant change their color. Glyphicons are like part of font and font color properties of CSS does the work of blue color on click. However, in case of custom images, you will need two images. One with the blue color inside image. Then using HTML/JavaScript snippet you can replace the images. 

I had implemented the same scenario like this where src attribute of img tag is changed to add new blue icon

$( ".navbar-inner li a:contains('MyPage') img" ).attr("src","img/icon_Blue.svg");

You will need to place above code inside an on click event where you actually click the link to switch page