First Mendix app - oracle DB - synchronization database - create mendixsystem&entity

Hi, I am using mendix studio pro 8.18.1 and created my fist application with 2 enity’s in my domain model. One for storing some general information, the second enity is inherited from the system.FileDocument enity. When I want to run my application localy against an oracle DB I get a Synchronize database pop-up with folowing ddl statements: Why is this? Can I prevent this? And how do I do it? Thanks CREATE TABLE "MENDIXSYSTEM$ENTITY" (     "ID" nvarchar2(36) NOT NULL,     "ENTITY_NAME" nvarchar2(511) NOT NULL,     "TABLE_NAME" nvarchar2(255) NOT NULL,     "SUPERENTITY_ID" nvarchar2(255) NULL,     "REMOTE" number(1) NULL,     "REMOTE_PRIMARY_KEY" number(1) NULL,     PRIMARY KEY("ID")); CREATE INDEX "IDX_MENDIXSYSTEM$ENTITY" ON "MENDIXSYSTEM$ENTITY" ("ENTITY_NAME" ASC); CREATE TABLE "MENDIXSYSTEM$ATTRIBUTE" (
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Hi Wouter,

Mendix needs an internal database in which Mendix has full and exclusive control to create system tables (for user accounts for example) and tables that match the domain models you create in your app.

Next to the internal database, you may decide to connect to an external database using the marketplace module called database replication or database connector for example. In that external database, you need to do the management yourself.

I hope this helps.