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Hello everybody, Any advice/ guide how to start working/ learning Mendix? I wish you all a very nice weekend Rami David P.S. I see that I have Mindix 8.18.2 (should I upgrade?)
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Hi Rami,           

1. Go to > ''
2. Login with your credentials
3. Click Academy > It will redirect to ''
4. Click Learning Paths > ''
5. Below you will see the list of learning paths, starts with Mendix Basics
6. Click on the 'View Path' in Mendix basics and start learning. Based on the topics covered it will show the % complated.
7. To avoid confusion land on the learning path and start over if you have missed anything inbetween.

All topics will be covered in learning path.

Hope this helps.


The best place would be the Mendix Academy. There are lots of free guided tutorials there to help you get to grips with the platform and how everything works.

Good luck!


No, don’t upgrade yet. 8.18.2 is currently the most recent available version. Mx 9 is still only in beta-release and when starting with Mendix, you don’t want to run into any beta-bugs. Also, the Academy courses are great and mostly pretty recent, but created in version 8.something. Having Mx9 you are likely to see all kinds of differences. Best follow each course in the version that it is written in, or follow them in 8.18.2 and take the minor difference for granted.

Another tip: start with a simple database-idea (order & orderline for instance) and create an Excel with two sheets, and some rudimentary order and orderline data. The in create a new App from Excel. It is amazing what you get out of the box.


Hi Rami.

You should start learning from “Learning Paths” from Academy.

Good luck


lecture 👉 Become a Rapid Developer gave me a good start.

going through the basics never hurts.

(do read careful, somethings necessary instructions a pretty well hidden.)

some additional hints, that confused me for a while:

  1. Developer Portal: online place, where you gather ideas (stories) of your app(s); aka sprintr, because it supports agile development known SCRUM, where small sprints are used to proceed in 2 to 4 week cycles.
  2. Mendix Studio: online environment to create your app
  3. Mendix Studio Pro: offline environment to create your app, connects to developer portal, “low-code” is checked in there, uses Team Sever as repository


happy learning and subsequent coding,



As already mentioned use Mendix Academy. I found it very helpfull to re-do the earlier lessons after a couple of weeks. Like re-reading a book to see what you have missed the first time around