How do you evaluate Mendixs suitability based on user needs

User requirements may come from a variety of industries, including functional requirements, non-functional requirements,   can it be fulfilled with Mendix, and how do I evaluate it? I want to understand the limitations of Mendix to determine whether the user's requirements can be fulfilled with Mendix, i don't know if this idea is feasible? I did a bit of searching and couldn't find an explanation of Mendix's specific limitation. Where can I find this information? Welcome your ideas :) Thanks in advance.
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Hi Liu,

Are you aware of this site: 

That is a good starting point.

On the limitations: there are mostly no hard limitations, Mendix is very powerful and customizable.

Some things can cost more time to implement than other things though. Everything that you customize (custom widgets, java actions, styling etc) may come at a price of lower maintainability, especially when moving to newer Mendix versions.

It is always good to consider how to create functionality using the out-of-the-box stuff that Mendix offers (which is a lot) and only start customizing widgets and creating custom java actions for example if really necessary.

I hope this helps.