Select single row from data grid of one page and display it in next page data grid

I am new to mendix, creating a app which is related to tour booking. I am trying to implement a wish list feature. The customer is able to see the list of packages in data grid ,after selecting a particular package and clicking on the wish list  button that package details should be shown in wish list page where i have have inserted another data grid so that whenever customer wants to book they can directly select a package from their wish list. How can i achieve this?? 
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A data grid can have no selection, single selection and multi selection. You need single selection, that is the default setting. All you need to do is to add a button that opens a page or calls a microflow (if you need more logic). The selected object is automatically passed to the new page/microflow.


Hi Pooja,

I assume you have a Package entity, Account(Customer) Entity and a Wishlist Entity if not add them.
The relationship between Customer and Wishlist is 1 - 1 each customer has a wishlist and a each wishlist belongs to one customer. 
The relationship between WishList and Package is * - *  a package can be in many wishlist and a wishlist can have many packages.

Now when a customer clicks on a package 1st page , associate this package to his related wishlist if exist, if not create a wishlist object for him and connect the Package with it.

On the My Wish list page, Get the wishlist by Customer in a dataview, inside it display packages by association with the wishlist or xpath 'currentObject' inside a datagrid.