Can anyone identify this error messsage?

I’m having an issue with an application causing huge spikes in RAM and CPU spikes and this is making the service crash completely.  The application isn’t hosted in the could so I can only use the logging that is captured in APM. I’ve found this error showing up, ‘Failed to execute dynamic scheduled event Periodic statistics HOURLY’ but I can’t identify what this event actually is. There are no hourly scheduled events in the modeler (there are various daily and weekly ones). Does anyone have any idea what this event could be and if so, could it cause the RAM and CPU spikes we are seeing? TIA.
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So you do a text search in Mendix Studio Pro on "Periodic statistics" for example and you find nothing?

Are you using an appstore component for managing scheduled events such as or

Maybe that triggers execution of a scheduled event? In that case you should log in to the app and access the maintenance pages for that component to check it out.

I hope this helps.