Deployment and Component diagram for Mendix

Hello there! For my school project, I need to make a deployment and component diagram about my Mendix app that I've created but I have no clue how to visualize it. These diagrams are used to describe the physical components (hardware), their distribution, and association. I would appreciate it a lot if someone could help me or push me in the right direction!   Cheers!
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Everything depends on the level of abstraction you wish to model. If you deploy in the Mendix Cloud, you typically wouldn't model physical components, since it's all hosted on Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS). If you deploy it in an on premises configuration, it might make sense to model the hardware.

Having said that, Mendix provides a diagram of their cloud infrastructure here. Mendix has also documenten recommended on premises setups here.

What components do you want to model for your school project?