How to translate entire module to another language?

i have tried to translate language,my source language is english and  changed the destination language to dutch ,but only i am able to translate labels and can i translate the entire page
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What do you exactly mean by Entire page?

It is possible to translate all input widgets, labels, buttons etc. Can you be specific about what is not working?


One pitfall with translations, Mendix

- if you copy a button with translation and create a new one, even if you change the English translation, the text for other translation remains same. And Mendix optimizes the translations by grouping translations with same values, so it becomes difficult to manage

What you can try to do is:

- Given you know about Batch translate I will skip that option

- From Modeler go to Language menu. Click Current language (which is default selected to English). Change the language to Dutch (or other language). Open the page you want to translate. Now you can change the Dutch text directly

- You could simply avoid by creating the button (or any widget) and linking the action