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Dear All, I would like to have the app user upload an Excel file and import the data to mendix using a template I created. Therefore, the user will upload a file with given column names. How can I let the user automatically use an importing template which I have created? I tried to retrieve the template using a microflow but as the template is not stored in the database, this does not seem to work. Thank you for the support! Caleb
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Assumptions is that you as admin already uploaded the correct template. You can do import and export of templates as XML file with a module like this: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/363 There are multiple in the appstore.

This way you control that the template with a specific name is there in the database.

Now in the microflow you can do a retrieve action of that template by the name you choose when you saved the template.

Does this help?





That helped a lot. Thank you!