Layout for a large excel table

I need to develop an applicattion who is running  in an Excel table actually. This table is big and works to demonstrate the financial closure data. She has many columns. What is the best way to build this table?
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Hi David,

Your question is very generic, im am not sure what exactly you are looking for.

Did you check out the learning paths on the basics of Mendix? They are very good in giving an impression of what Mendix can do and how to approach creating an app.

For example: 

In general, you can create an entity with attributes, which would be translated by Mendix into a database table containing a column for every attribute.

However: Mendix is not Excel, in so many ways.

I hope this helps.


What is the scope of the size of the table? Does everything HAVE to be presented in a table like way with all of the columns on one page?

Are using widgets to break up/make that data show in different ways out of the question?


hi David, 


you have 2 options: 

- horizontal scroll (this is really not recommended from the UX)

- use datatables widgets and extend to hide / show columns according to your user choice, this will be a big efford. 


those are the options you have.