Account entity from Administration module

I have created a entity called ProductOrder in domain model inside “MyFirstModule” and created an association with Account entity from Administration module. After creating account using account entity and creating Order in ProductOrder entity, data should be stored in HSQL DB. A table will be created named as  "PUBLIC"."mainmodule$productorder_account”. when I use select query on  "PUBLIC"."mainmodule$productorder_account” . there is no entry in that table. That table is empty. why so?
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Hi Gouri,

             Have you created any record for productorder and account and associated? When you create product associate to the account then you can see the entry in the table so the entry record will show the association between which product and which account.

Hope this helps.




A association between to entities describes an optional relationship between to instances of those entities.

In other words, you need to reference the order to the account. 


You can associate a product to an account a) during creation of product or b) while editing your product.

To do a):

  • In Studio Pro go to your page Account_NewEdit
  • in the account dataview add a button, assign it a microflow Çreate product.
  • Make that microflow have an input parameter Account.
  • add an activity Çreate Object, as entity select product.

To do b)

  • In Studio Pro, go to the page Product_NewEdit
  • at the right side, see tabs ‘Properties’, ‘Toolbox’, ‘Connector’: click Connector
  • drag&drop Account onto the page in the product’s dataview.