How to exclude the dropdown option after it was used?

There is a list of e.g. products, where I can create a new product, and fill in some details about it. The list is editable, so for each item, it shows editable input and dropdown fields.  The challenge is – afterI selected a product from the dropdown, it should be excluded from the available dropdown options when I create a new list item. How can it be done if product is an enumerator? How can it be done if product is a reference-selector?
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So basically It will be easy with Reference Selector

Lets think that you are using An Entity with Products which has association (1-*) from your primary entity 


So create a boolean (Default value : false) in Products entity , And as soon as the user , saves the data with respect to one object , change the boolean (true) for that particular Products 


Meanwhile , Write an Xpath for products in the page where you are saving 

Your Xpath should look something like (Isempty=false).


So by this way only the false Products (Which are not selected)will be visible in the dropdown