How to add an avatar or little image in a Data Grid(each row)????

Hi experts. A few months ago I developed a module in ERP ODOO (Python), where I customized several elements(odoo widgets and front end using css, html, etc.). You can see I added a picture on the right with a name, each row has one(round avatar). The picture is located in another table. I would like to do something similar using Mendix. I know how to add an image in a page of details (New-Edit) inheriting from system Image. Can I add a picture in a data grid using Mendix(table user or another one)?   Thanks
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You could make the attribute you want show in the grid an ennumeration. When creating an ennumeration you can give the ennumeration value an image (picture1). In the grid you can select formatting “image” which will show the enummeration Image in stead of the caption.