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At the moment I'm trying to understand reference selectors. I got next page:   The reference selector “docent” is correctly filled (it has the option to set blank and to set the current teacher who is logged in). I want the reference selector "Klas” to respond to the first reference selector. I created a non-persistable entity “SelecteerDocentKlasVak_Helper to set temporarely the values of some other entities (like Klas, Vak, etc).  I want the reference selector respond like: If in Docent-selector is a name selected, I get ListA and if in Docent-selector is nothing selected, i get ListB (where ListB is a full list and ListA is a part of selection of ListB).    What I thought: if I select nothing in Docent it would set SelecteerDocentKlasVak_Helper_Docent to empty and else it would set SelecteerdDocentVakKlas_Helper_Docent to the value of that selection.  Only I think it won't do that, because it gets the value of “Docent” already by loading this page (if I add a breakpoint, Docent is already filled before I get to the reference selectors).   Any suggestions?
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Hi Roel.

What might go wrong is that in your datasource imcroflow might already retrieve an object you pass into the page. This might cause the the “Docent” field to be filled already.