Cause of Excell importer error

Please tell me the cause of the Excell importer error ・ Event When uploading data with Excel Importer, if upload fails due to inadequate data, upload cannot be performed until Module / Entity / Microflow is refreshed with MxModelReflection. (Regardless of the validity of the data) ·environment It does not occur with RunLocally, but occurs on the server. The server environment configuration is as follows. OS: WindowsServer2019 (Azure VM) DB: Azure SQL Database Mendix Version: 8.18.2 Excel importer: 8.1.2 Mx Model reflection: 6.1.2
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I have done an excel file import / export. I don't think you should use the excel importer because it is quite difficult to use for the users. Instead I think you should use a module like this:
In order to use this module you must delete the Excel Importer module , MxObject module and the deployment folder in your app (at this time the app is not running). Otherwise there will be an error.
Sorry my English is not good and I am using google translate to communicate.