Automatic Log Out Function

Hello everyone, we are setting up an application where certain users can change their status to “active” and “not active” manually. If someone forgets to set himself to “not active” after a working day, an automatic method should do this after 10 hours of being “active”. We tried different approaches, for example working with SessionTimeOut or by setting up a microflow. The main problem seems to be that most procedures work only when a user is online using the app. Our goal is to have that procedure checking in the background all the time for all users. Glad for any help! Thanks!
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You could have a look at the user and their session object.

In a scheduled event retrieve all users that have a setting of active.

For these users retrieve their session object.

If no session object set to inactive else compare the lastactive attribute to the current datetime and decide what to do then.

Run the scheduled event every 10 mins. e.g. and you would be goog to go.