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I'm trying to figure out how a reference selector is working. I can get the reference selector filled with a list I need on page 1. Once I filled the selector I can go to a page2 that works with the data from the selectors on page 1. Now I want to go back to page 1 (the page with the selectors), but I want the reference selectors already being filled with the data from page 2 (so the user only have to change 1 reference selector instead of 5 to get a different output on page 2). I got a non-persistable entity (the _helper on the picture) where I save the associations. When the microflow calls the “show page” the helper is still correctly filled with the associations I need. Only the reference selectors still start blank. Is it possible to fill the selector with the data that comes from that helper? If yes, where can I find that option or what do I have to add on the microflow to make it work? The microflow (the helper isn't used in the microflow, but at the breakpoint, this helper is still correctly filled): Page1 is the page with the selectors (only 1 visible, 2nd will be visible once first one is filled). I want this first reference selector filled with the association SelecteerdDocentKlasVak_Helper_Opleiding   Hope someone can give a pointer or give me a solution where to look to solve this.  
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I think you are trying to do something the hard way. You are looking for the function constrained by. See the documentation here: For some strange reason the constrained by function is only explained in detail in the Mx7 docs.  This way you do not need a helper object and a second screen. The second reference selector will only show the options based on the selection in the first reference selector.

If I am misunderstanding what you want to achieve you should retrieve the set from your helper object and may be based on this helper object retrieve the object of the first page and set that same set also to that object before you show that object again.