Label Selector

Hello, I'm new to the Mendix platform and try to make use of the Label Selector widget. Is there anyone that already used this widget and can help me on my way. I tried to incorporate it into a form but lack understanding on the specifics the Label Selector needs. Created two entities, Labels 1 <- * Label. Label with a Name attribute. Dataview on Labels and then the Label Selector as a widget. Thanks in advance, John
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So if I read the instruction correctly, you should:

  • Create an entity called Labels
  • Create an entity called Label, in which you add an attribute Name of (I think of type String)
  • Connect both entities by drawing the association line from Label to Labels.

After you've set up the model, it's time to create a page where Labels is the Dataview of the page and where you place the widget.

Ofcourse the above is simply an example. Another example would be if you have a Product which can have 1 or more Synonyms. Labels would then become Product and Label would then become Synonym.

For a better understanding of the instructions, make sure you go through the available documentation. (this one on Entities and this one on Associations for example)