Reverting Studio Pro App Model Update

Hi Mendix community, I have a (hopefully quick) question. I updated my project from Studio Pro 8 to Studio Pro 9 in hopes of some advanced widget capabilities. The advanced widget capabilities were awesome, but now I need to revert back to Studio Pro 8 in order to use a specific SAML module that isn’t yet available in Studio Pro 9. I have a licensed app with a test environment currently live in Studio Pro 8.18.1 As far as documentation goes, I could only find the ability to revert accidental model upgrades by downloading and using TortoiseSVN. I am wondering, is there a different way I can bring back and reuse the existing package I have currently in my test environment (on Studio Pro 8). This is so I can avoid having to start an entirely new project (via...basically copy/paste) and having to go through purchasing a node again?    Thanks in advance!
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If you have not committed anything you could just download your project from the teamserver again. You could rename your current project files or just delete them. If you did commit create a branch from the version before the commit and use that branch. If that branch needs to be the main line again you could indeed use Tortoise for that or just copy the files over from the branch to the main line (without the hidden files offcourse).