Documentation about Instance

This seems to be all the information that is availble about the instances of Mendix in V4 cloud 2.6 Instance Also called the App Container. This launches and exposes the Runtime Server. There may be only one instance, but to provide high availability and better performance there can be many instances. Answers I am looking for, while wondering if we should split the one instance having 2xGB into 2 instances each having 1xGB: - why should we divide our contracted resources over more than 1 instance? - will A) both instances be up and running and processing workload, or B) will the 2-nd be a failover-system, so waiting, or running in parallel without workload until it needs to take-over instance 1 because it ran into critical problems? - how do users get distributed accross instances? - is it pure load balancing, or also functional separation? - the memory gets divided over the instances. Can 2 instances each having 1xGB process less, the same, or more workload as 1 instance having 2xGB
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