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Hope someone know how I can achieve my next problem: I got 2 grids with data (a grid where I can select a Class and a grid where I can select a Course). I want to make a grid that shows the results of the students in the selected Class for the selected Course.   At the moment I can let the grid listen to the grid of the Course and it shows all results of all students that followed the Course. I only don't know how to make the grid listen to 2 grids or how to write a constraint to that first grid.    Domeinmodels: 2nd part:   Simplified part of my domain where my problem exists (hope I put it right here): Where my final grid should show the Result of the Students from a Clas that from a Course
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Based on some assumptions I have made the following data model which is in line with your question


I have created a page with two grids showing the Classes and the Courses straight from the database:

I have made two dataviews which each listen to one of the grids and one of these dataviews is inside the other

At that moment it is possible to create the third grid with a microflow as datasource.

In this microflow you will get 2 parameters:

  • one for the class (I have named the entity Clas as class is not allowed)
  • one for the course 


Now it is possible to make a retrieve of students that participate in the course and in the class

Return the list from the microflow and you have achieved the requirement.


If the datamodel is different it should still be  possible to achieve. The real trick is in getting two parameters from the dataviews inside the microflow.


Let me know if you have any questions...




It can’t be possible to use a grid listening to, but you can  achieve this using , microflows using a helper entity and getting an association with the expected listen to.