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Hi all, I have 10 searching parameters and 3 Entites with relation. What is the best way to implement search function. Call Rest API  Using microflow and activity to retrive or filter data Execute OQL  (My understand OQL widget can’t passing parameter to query)  or the other way ?
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Hi Somboon,

Your question is very generic and highly depends on the use case.

In general: use the search functions of the datagrid or template grid search as much as possible. This comes out of the box, with no extra effort. 

Or in Mendix 9, the search filter function of data rgid 2: 

If that is not enough for some reason, you may want to look into marketplace components such as But be careful, this has only community support level.

Other option i can think of: create something custom in Mendix (be very careful because of maintenance and performance), or connecting elastic search.

I hope this gave a some ideas worth investigating.


 Thanks Michiel Arts, In my case I would like to create search bar that find data from multi entity sush as

project  code:   

project name :  

customer name : 

collateral type :  



and return result


 Project code ,Project name , Customer Name , collateral type 


My suggestion is to add a search-helper entity that holds all the search variables / associations. Create an object and page to fill the variable and pass the variable into a Microflow where the filtering is done based on a retrieval.