mendix 3.2.1 migration from windows 2008 os to 2016

currently we are using menidx 3.2.1 version which are in windows 2008 OS. Currently we are planned to migrate from Windows 2008 to 2016 version without migrating the mendix version migration. is the mendix 3.2.1 can work in the windows 2016 version
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Mendix mainly depends on JVM. So technically it won’t be a problem. However, I can think of the following risks:

  • You are on windows, so you probably use the windows console tool to operate/manage your app. You need to make sure that still works in windows 2016
  • Even though Java claims to be backward compatible with old versions. You must confirm yourself.


Considering the above, I would say, clone your machine (hopefully it’s a VM) to create a test environment. Upgrade that machine to windows 2016 and test thoroughly.

I’d advise build a fresh environment and upgrade your mendix version. Mendix 3.x has been out of support for many years. Your app is probably at high risk (internal apps are still hackable). Some critical vulnerabilities have been fixed recently.