Pull-request with Studio Pro?

Hi, I’m thinking about how we can establish a kind of pull-request in our development process with Studio Pro. Developer A develops something and Developer B should review it before merging it into the mainline. Do you have a similiar process in place with your team? How does the process look like, do you work with main-lines and branch-lines to make this happen?   Thank you in advance!
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Good question. I just recently had a discussion with Mendix about Sprintr functionality and why we build our own support app at Daywize. In this support app we not only receive all the feedback requests of our customers but also do the Sprint planning in there. Each commit in our model refers to the ticket number in our support portal. And in that ticket we can see who build it, who did the functional test and which person did the code review. This way the code reviewer only have to look in the history of the commits for this number and open up all the changes in that commit to do the code review.

Now I know this is not viable for everyone to build this yourself. It seems that Sprintr will get some much needed love and care from Mendix in the near future. And I hope with the demo and discussion I had they will incorporate some of our idears in Sprintr or in the model. Because my dream would be that I could have some kind of code review option where I open up the commit then open up a change and that the model would show me the changes that have been done compaired to the previous version. Mendix is improving on this but we may dream offcourse…