Datagrid CSV Export with one column over Association - Can I filter?

I have a datagrid with a list of CARS I want to export. One of the columns in that grid is a list of ACCESSORIES where CARS and ACCESSORIES are a many to many relationship. I can add the ACCESSORIES over association Cars_Accessories and it displays them, but I want it to only show those ACCESSORIES where the Active flag in that entity is true. Is this possible?
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This is not directly possible, but you might think about using the access rules in the domain model.

When setting the xpath constraint on something like [active] the data for the user is only displayed for those accessories that are active, when not active they will not be displayed anymore and therefore not exported in the CSV. One issue to solve then though is an additional comma that is being displayed in the grid and will be exported.

Another option could be to maintain the active accessories in a helper attribute or entity and attribute and display that in the grid, more work but gives you full control. Another option might be to use the csv exporter module from the appstore and created the exports via a microflow, see

So there are numerous options but you’ll have to create the function as is is not possible OOTB AFAIK.