Searching list via related entity attribute

I am trying to create a functionality that solves a similar problem as in the example below. I have tried to solve it on my own and have looked around a bit on the web but I have not been able to find and decipher a usable solution. I am working in Mendix Studio 9 and have so far not touched Studio Pro, although that shouldn't be a problem if I need to. Regardless, here is the example as previously mentioned: I have a database containing information regarding cars, people/drivers' licenses and tickets with a domain model looking as follows (image 1).   I have created a page with a List View (Edit: needs to remain a list view) containing the information from the Ticket entity and would now like to add a search bar where the user can enter a license plate number (see image 2). The list should then update to display the tickets connected to the owner of the car whoose license plate was searched. The search bar could work “on change” or through a button, it does not matter much. Many thanks in advance!
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I’m not used to the Mendix Studio but did it with a datagrid in Pro:

With a comparason attribuut Plate:



Gives you this when you search for the plate:

Whole list is:

Because of the asso between car and license (1-many) we cannot show the license plate.