Populate multiple entities from excel

Hello, I have several entities, and I need to populate them with several hundred objects automatically. I can create a microflow that manually creates each object, but that’s too time-consuming because I have to define each attribute value for each object. I would like to use Excel import functionality instead to create an excel, name columns as attributes, rows as objects with values for each attribute, and then just import the excel to populate the entity. And I would repeat it for each entity (as I understand I can’t do it for multiple entities at ones, right?) Is it possible? I was looking into excel importer documentation, but it just helped me to create a new entity, not a bunch of objects.
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Yes you can. Give each type of object you want to import it's own datasheet in Excel. Create for each of these datasheets a separate import mapping with the Excel importer module and in the microflow handling the full import of the Excel file, trigger all the different import templates in one sequence, handling the import templates, hence datasheets one by one.