Access to files with text (.txt, .docx, .pdf etc.)

Hello, when I looked into the help, I found support for interface to Excel files under Marketplace/Modules (Excel importer/exporter). Moreover, it is possible to create a project directly from Excel via the Excel template.   However, I found nothing similar for text file access.   My use case: Alignment between - a long Excel table with document titles, versions and IDs and - some other documents (by external authors) that contain a lot of document references like e. g. “[25] A6Z00047110815 C: Certificate of XYZ, issued 2020-12-24”   I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, thus I were grateful for some indication where/how to start most efficiently.   Thanks and best regards   Stefan PS: I am using Studio Pro 9.1.1, but cannot select this version below
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you need to create project from mendix website at the beginning.



Thanks, Quang Nhat Tran, for your quick answer.

I went again to the overview page via your link and checked again whether there is a textfile template, similar to the “App from a spreadsheet” template. Unfortunately, again I found nothing.

Unfortunately your screenshot of the overview page is clipped in your answer. If you wanted to indicate a certain template, please let me know which you meant.

Maybe in your (clipped) answer you indicated “Blank Web App”. I let Mendix create a project from this template, but I couldn’t find any additional capabilities than described in my original question.

Please, if possible, be so kind to give me some more specific hints. Creation of projects is not my problem.

Thanks again