The date is reduced by one day after the Exel import

I use excel importer to import objects into entities. But the importer does something strange with dates, it seems it decreases any date by one day. So this 1/1/1900 0:00:00 becomes this 12/31/1899.   How can I fix it?   UPD I tried to use AddDays function, but it show me an error “The following error occurred when importing document: java.text.ParseException - Unparseable date: "1899-12-31"”
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I guess this has to do with localized and/or non localized date attributes.

Is your date attribute set to localized or to non localized? Because a date without time component is always stored as 12:00 AM UTC. If you have an offset to UTC in one direction, it seems fine. An offset to UTC in the other direction will cause your issue.