show column from another entity

Hello: A want to show in a dataGrid a column from other entity so i added a new column in the page and select it from dataSource → Attribute:   But the column didn´t show the data:   Must i changed some other property or add a new association on the domain model?   Thanks in advance.   Regards.
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Does the user have the correct access in the Room entity? And are you sure that the Name has a value?


Hello Jop:

I tried login the app with the admin to check if its a problem with the user but don´t show the column either:

I put you some captures because maybe it´s easier this way.

The entity association at the domain model is:


As you can see there aren´t a direct association between the Room and Game entities but it exist with reservation (maybe the problem is in the domain model?).

The overview pages has got data:



But the column is still void:

If you need more information or i misunderstood your questions please dont hesitate to ask me.








Hello Again, i found the problem.

When I am creating the new game object  i´m creating it without a reservation number and that´s why the column appears void.

I´ve got to asign a reservation number to every game.