Date mismatch issue

Hi Team, Actually I am facing issue with date. I am using OData service to display data on page. So when I am displaying date received in the response from sap it shows 2012-09-17 in India and 2012-09-16 in US, means always one day before(might be because it use UTC). so how can resolve it? Please see the below screenshot, it does not contain exact mismatch date but it show session date correctly I guess: How to display correct date everywhere, I mean in India as well as in USA?
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Contrary to what you see, you have no date issue, it works fine. The UTCtime that you high lighted, is the correct date and time. Also correct is the session time if the session is running in India. Also correct would be Session time 2018-11-25 19:00:00.000 -0500 if the session is running in New York. This is just a result of the shifting date line.

You can have the attribute always show UTC regardless of the timezone that the session is in, by setting the switch ‘Localize’ to No in the Edit-popup of the attribute. But I doubt that this will solve your problem. It is more an issue of getting your users to interpret these dates correctly.

(Btw. both UTCtime and Session time should be called UTCdatetime and Session datetime, but I guess Mendix decided that this would be too much letters, and is beside the point of your question)