Getting error on importing my module on Mendix 9.x

The module was created on version 8.10.2. On trying to import this mpk package, I’m getting this error : “Loading the module failed. The package could not be imported because it was created with version 8.10.2 of Mendix Studio Pro. Please open it in any version from 8.12.0 to 8.18.99 first.” Is there a way to upgrade my module to be compatible with 9.x ? PS: The module has a lot of entities and complexities. So, I don’t want to create the module from scratch in 9.x as it would be a herculean task to do that.  Thanks in advance! :)
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The error already tells you most you need to know:

The module MPK needs to be at least 8.12.0 in order to be able to be used in Mendix 9. To upgrade your module:

- If you still have the original project you exported it from; you can upgrade that project to at least 8.12 and export again

- If you don’t, you can import the module in a new 8.12+ project and export again


After that you should be able to use the module MPK in mendix 9.


Hi Niraj,

Take a backup of 8.10.2 version application.Upgrade this backup app to 9.x version From this upgraded app,export the module you want,then import the same to your 9.x version.

Test it,give a try. It's just my suggestion.