App logos on developer home page

Hi, I’ve created a custom logo for one of my apps and it looks fine on the app General Settings page, but when the logo looks fuzzy on the developer home page.  I’ve tried different file types and image sizes but it doesn’t seam to make a difference? If you look at the screen shot from the developer home page below, the image looks jagged but looks fine on the general settings page. Any suggestions?  
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Hi Steve,
when you are editing your logo make the logo larger: set the Logo Width and Logo Height to 40 PX.


Narendran J




I’ve also just noticed that the logo image looks okay in the app detail page, where it’s resized to 32x32, see below.

This is how this image is being rendered when you inspect within Chrome



However it’s being rendered differently in the My Apps page and looks more pixelated/distorted, even though the target image size is larger at 48x48,