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I am trying to integrate stripe payment api with a mendix app. I am new to rest service and want to integrate the following api below is request code for java. Create customer request in java: Stripe.apiKey = "sktestBQtestBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2"; Map<string, object=""> customerParams = new HashMap<string, object="">(); customerParams.put("description", "Customer for"); customerParams.put("source", "tok_17jtest12evKYlo2CT1U6O3ex"); // obtained with Stripe.js Customer.create(customerParams); and here is response file com.stripe.model.Customer JSON: { "id": "cus7zhxyKnCmFeqmM", "object": "customer", "accountbalance": 0, "created": 1456719719, "currency": "usd", "defaultsource": "card17jiXj2eZvKYlo2C8ZGQQOn0", "delinquent": false, "description": null, "discount": null, "email": "", "livemode": false, "metadata": { }, "shipping": null, "sources": { "object": "list", "data": [ { "id": "card17jiXj2eZvKYlo2C8ZGQQOn0", "object": "card", "addresscity": null, "addresscountry": null, "addressline1": null, "addressline1check": null, "addressline2": null, "addressstate": null, "addresszip": null, "addresszipcheck": null, "brand": "Visa", "country": "US", "customer": "cus7zhxyKnCmFeqmM", "cvccheck": "pass", "dynamiclast4": null, "expmonth": 2, "expyear": 2016, "funding": "credit", "last4": "4242", "metadata": { }, "name": null, "tokenizationmethod": null } ], "hasmore": false, "totalcount": 1, "url": "/v1/customers/cus7zhxyKnCmFeqmM/sources" }, "subscriptions": { "object": "list", "data": [ ], "has_more": false, "total_count": 0, "url": "/v1/customers/cus_7zhxyKnCmFeqmM/subscriptions" } } any kind of help on its view, java action to use and domain model structure would be really useful. looking forward to many reply. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Savan
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Have you checked for the details about how to use the Rest Services Module? Try to format the response with Notepad++ or online like :

It will give you pointers how to construct the domain model for the response if you have a clear understanding of what the result looks like. Combine it with the manual of the rest services and you should be able to work it out.