How to make edit button work?

Hi everyone. I add an Edit button to Mendix pro. I want to be able to change the information of objects that I created. But when I run the app and click Edit button, it doesn’t link to the object that exits, instead, it goes to the page where I create new objects. Ho w can I make the Edit button work? Thanks a lot. Xingui
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You have to add edit button inside the Grid countrol bar.

in that you can call the view/Edit page.


Hi Xingui,

I think you have Added a Create Button in the Datagrid which will always create a new Object. 
Instead you should add a action Button in the Datagrid controls, which will expect a object to be selected from the DataGrid.

Accpet my answer if the solution works for you ATB!!


You need to call a microflow and in the data view/ listview the object should be the same input to the microflow and you need to call the edit page.