report export button right for security

I have a basic report, and click "yes" for properties of "Show export button". when app is running , I click "export button" with a error said: Creating object of type System.FileDocument failed for security reasons and mendix console shown : Creating object of type System.FileDocument by user jiangkai failed for security reasons: User 'admin' attempted to create an object of type 'System.FileDocument', but does not have the required permissions all role can't right click this button and i can't set right access for System.FileDocument How can I do, I want to export my reports. PS: my report's data come form data set , and it can get data and shown for right.
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You can set access rights to System.FileDocuments in Project --> Security --> File Access. Note however, that the best practice is to create a new entity which inherits from System.FileDocument and to assign rights to that specific entity.