One App for different clients

Hello,   What will be the best approach when creating an app that will be used by several client (with different url)?  I was thinking about creating one app, and just duplicate the folder of the app several times, and deploy each one of them. But maybe there is an easier way?   Thanks
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Hi. If the app model (“code” of your app) is exactly the same for each instance of app, you don’t need to clone (export / import) the app project. You can just deploy to multiple (productive) environments (each with a distinct URL).


Hi Yehoshoua,

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Hi Yehoshoua Choukroun,
 Are you sure do you want to have Different URl’s for different clients ?

If the above is not the case, you can create a  mutlitenant domain model structure to your app and chaneg UI according to the logged in client  and only one Production set up can be used for all clients.
You can find Multi tenan Administration module in the market place which is very effective and useful.