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Hi, I am looking for a tool to do: 1. Remote management and access to a site database 2. Synchronization of our database with other software 3. The use of data to analyze the important indicators of our activity (forms to be completed) 4. The integration of a synoptic diagram of a railway line 5. Operation of the closed line for works (travel instructions (a standard form to be completed)) 6. Tracking of traffic by geolocation in real time on a line   Thank’s
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Hi Omar!

This sounds like it will be more than just a simple tool to be able to accomplish all of these tasks. Perhaps you would be better of breaking this down into more manageable stories and coming up with a solution for each element on its own. Some quick thoughts below:

  1. You will need to integrate with an API endpoint to access the site database. Remote management of this database will require some interface to view and manipulate the data before POSTing it back to the database.
  2. Synchronization can be done in a number of ways, it really depends on how the data pipeline functions.
  3. Mendix is not the most powerful platform for analyzing data, you might consider using some 3rd party platform like AWS or Tableau to crunch the numbers and provide actionable feedback or charts.
  4. Not sure on this one, I have seen some dynamic charts built on the platform in the past so there may be a widget available for this.
  5. The criteria here are unclear, this sounds like it will utilize a lot of data to determine the most appropriate travel path for users. I would imagine you will need some sort of pathing algorithm or distance data to be able to calculate these routes on your synoptic diagram.
  6. Again, this is far beyond a simple tool to accomplish this. You are looking at geolocation services, map services, real-time data sync, etc… If you are integrating this with your synoptic diagram as well there will need to be a lot of connecting data points and client-side updates.

    I apoligize for not being able to provide a true “answer” to your question! I would say this project you are working on is much larger in scope than your question has accounted for. I recommend breaking these into epics/stories on their own and returning with some more specific questions because there is not a one-tool to do all of these things. This will likely take quite a lot of development to accomplish and will greatly depend on the data you have available for this project.